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Jirny started manufacturing and assembling for Wardian; in London we have installed the first balconies

29 January, 2018 – With the arrival of the new year we can see the smooth running of our largest UK contract so far. After successful series of acoustic tests, during which we tried many glass variants and modular modifications, we started production, assembling and installation.

While our external supplier fabricates steel balcony structures for the project our fabrication and logistics centre has been fully occupied with fabrication of steel balconies and façade modules since last July, assembly included. „Concurrence of fabrication works enables us to respect the schedule and fabricate part of structures ahead of time. Thanks to this we are prepared to commence installation works and we are also ahead with preparation of installation processes. British market is very strict in what concerns observance of health and safety on site, says David Hošpes, a project manager.

In Rosenheim, Germany and Lodz, Poland there are all opening elements of the façade tested for operational forces, opening cycles and wind resistance. And while in the design department we prepare the main entrance structures for the podium and so-called penthouses, on site there are representative parts of the façade which is located on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Western Tower south-eastern corner installed. Thanks to this structure the client, the architect and also the public for the first time will have the opportunity to see what the whole building will look like. We may look forward to the complete completion of the project in mid-year 2020.