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We are Sipral

Sipral was founded in 1991. Since its origin we have focused on progressive building technologies. The original orientation was aimed at special cementing and sealing with silicone sealants and has gradually developed into supplies of all-glazed constructions where we started to use construction systems based on extruded aluminum profiles.

We have published a brochure: 'Sipral: Facts&Figures 2019'. There, you will find plenty of information about our company, our employees and our key projects.

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Leopold Bareš Chairman of the Board and CEO Sipral a.s.
Radim Koštial  CEO Sipral UK & Export Director Sipral a.s. 
Martin Binovec COO –Chief Operations Officer
Tomáš Klíma CFO – Chief Financial Officer
Ivano Zottini Sales Director
Jiří Mašek Production Director
Dana Petrová Procurement Director
Václava Jersáková HR Director
Josef Juráš Project Director
Martin Lukeš Technical Director

Our mission and strategy

Sipral’s current vision and mission are to create and provide value in the form of intelligent, technically original, visually attractive and long-lasting reliable designs of building envelopes.

Sipral undertakes to

  • create original and reliable designs that fulfill our customers’ wishes
  • provide top quality processes and improve them continuously
  • pay continuous attention to professional development of its employees and use their creativity, professionalism and teamwork
  • improve provided designs
  • individually approach all partners on the market in an honest and ethical way
  • provide designs that minimize impact on the environment

Sipral's strategy is based on both its vision and mission, and the strategy applied in past years.

principal elements of Sipral’s strategy consist of

  • orientation on the market of exterior claddings and interior structures, especially those made of glass and light metals
  • products and services of high quality and serviceability
  • long-lasting partnerships with customers
  • diversification of product portfolio in four segments: large modular facades, special and customized products requiring dedicated expertise and technology, prestigious projects for VIP customers, and project engineering
  • territorial diversification of business higher support to international markets, and the EU in particular, along with maintenance of business in the Czech Republic
  • development of a new logistics and production centre to optimize and increase the company's production capacities, particularly with regard to large modular facades
  • promotion of culture of teamwork, knowledge-based approach, and enhancement of staff capabilities as indispensable parts of the company’s commercial success
  • intensive application of modern production and information technologies

We proclaim our vision through the motto:
Each project is unique, each project is a challenge...

our references

Eva Jiričná

I sincerely appreciate the professional service which your company offers, the ability of your technical team to resolve the most complex problems and above all your willingness to experiment with and explore new possibilities and solutions.

Eva Jiricna Architects, London

Reconstruktion Oranžerie, Prague castle, 1998

Jan Kaplický

Sipral is skill, sophistication, knowledge and beauty for all architects.

Future Systems, London

Future Systems Exhibition project, Prague, 1996

Matt Cartwright

The real success of the facade has been in it's realisation, fabrication, and installation. We have worked in close collaboration with Sipral and together we have shared a common passion to create a fantastic solution that is on budget and exceeds expectation. We have created a memorable and distinctive design that reflects the world class reputation of The University's Faculty of Engineering.

Twelve architects & Masterplanners, London

The Diamond, Sheffield, 2015

Claus Hermansen

Projects bring a lot of surprises and are defined and distinguished mainly by communication between partners. Sipral understands architects like us and strives to go the extra mile for us. That is one of the reasons why we like working with them so much.

BIG Architects, Copenhagen

Amager Bakke, Copenhagen, 2015

Karen Cook

We wish to commend Sipral for your creative engineering and skilled craftsmanship which, combined with your patience and constant cooperative spirit, contributed greatly toward our goal of creating beauty with our Prague projects. We do look forward to future work collaboration with Sipral.

KPF, London

Danube House, Prague, 2002 Nile House, Prague, 2006

Eric Carlson

I design for clients that are very demanding in their quest for innovative buildings, luxurious spaces, materials and service. „Listening“ is the primary tool in transcribing these needs into architecture. Sipral is well equipped with this rare tool in their tool box.

Carbondale, Paris

Decorative grille for Louis Vuitton, Paris, 2006

Richard Meier

We are very pleased with our working relationship with Sipral and we have been extremely happy with the quality of their work. We find that Sipral is consistently resourceful and professional, and we strongly believe they are the best in their field in the Czech Republic.

Richard Meier & Partners Architects, New York

City Point, Prague, 2006

Ricardo Bofill

We want to express that due to our collaboration with a professional and expert team as Sipral we could achieve excellent results in our project Corso Karlín, which we feel very proud of.

Ricardo Bofill Taller
Arquitectura, Barcelona

Corso Karlín, Prague, 2000

published books

Česká architektura 2013-2014
Česká architektura 2013-2014

Zdeněk Fránek

Prostor (2015), ISBN 978-80-87064-16-0

Texty o architektuře 2014-2015
Texty o architektuře 2014-2015

Adam Caruso, Andrea Deplazes, Tom Emerson Fabio Gramazio, Vesna Jovanović, Christian Kerez, Toni Kotnik...

Kruh (2015), ISBN 978-80-903218-6-1

Sídliště Solidarita
Sídliště Solidarita

Barbora Špičáková (ed.)

Archiv výtvarného umění, o.s. (2014) ISBN 978-80-905744-2-7

Martin Rajniš
Martin Rajniš

Martin Rajniš

Zlatý řez, 2008 (2014), ISBN 978-80-87068-12-0

Česká architektura 2012-2013
Česká architektura 2012-2013

Zdeněk Jiran

Prostor (2014), ISBN 978-80-87064-14-6

Texty o architektuře 2010-2013
Texty o architektuře 2010-2013


Kruh (2014)

Česká architektura 2011-2012
Česká architektura 2011-2012

Michal Kuzemenský

Prostor (2013)

Česká architektura 2006-2007
Česká architektura 2006-2007


Prostor (2008)




Corporate identity

With our visual style and its unification we want to create the best conditions for presentation of Sipral as a modern brand associated with high quality and top products and send a positive signal about dynamic development in our company.

Corporate identity