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Code ethics

Our company espoused a mission to create and provide values in the form of technically advanced, visually attractive and highly reliable products that form an integral part of the modern conveniences in human societies today. We hold our customers, business counterparts, employees and society in high esteem and conduct our business in accordance with generally accepted business ethics and principles. Implementing these principles forms an integral part of our business activities and helps cultivate good reputation of the company – SIPRAL a.s.

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company values
SIPRAL a.s. upholds the following values in all of its activities:

  • honest and straightforward conduct
  • personal and team responsibility,
  • adherence to rules,
  • customer orientation,
  • respect for all of its counterparts – employees, business counterparts and agents, and representatives of professional associations,
  • cultivating creativity and original ideas,
  • high-quality output,
  • loyalty,
  • teamwork,
  • good interpersonal relations,
  • health and environmental protection,
  • continuous improvement, personal and team growth,
  • responsible citizenship.

These company values represent the core of SIPRAL’s corporate identity.

business and work ethics
Each representative of SIPRAL a.s. – both employees and those authorized to represent the company – respects and adheres to valid legal regulations and generally accepted business ethics and principles. Each representative acting directly or indirectly on behalf of the company shall act so as to protect the company’s interests and its good reputation and to responsibly meet its obligations.

conflict of interest
SIPRAL a.s. does not permit any conflict of interests. Each representative of the company shall avoid any potential conflict between his/her own and the company’s interests. No company representatives shall ask for, take or provide any payment, personal gift or other personal benefit that could influence the company’s business transactions. Company representatives shall not conclude contracts with companies in which she/he holds a participating interest, holds a position in a statutory body and/or if these companies conduct business in the same areas as SIPRAL a.s. does.

trade secrets and confidential information
SIPRAL a.s. respects and adheres to the rules of protecting business secrets and confidential information. All confidential facts shall be conveyed to third parties only in compliance with effective legal regulations and internal company rules, and only via company representatives that are authorized to do so. The company forbids the use of confidential information for an individual’s benefit both within and outside the company. Each employee and company representative remains committed to preserve confidentiality even after his/her contract expires.

Confidential information includes:

  • any information related to the company’s business activity (business, contractual, technological, manufacturing and financial information),
  • company know-how,
  • information about the company’s personnel and representatives, customers, contractors and other business counterparts,
  • information about individuals (personal data including information on performance evaluations and wage &salary data).

The company esteems and respects the intellectual property of other individuals, copyrights and trademarks.

fair and open competition
SIPRAL a.s. respects and complies with principles of fair and open competition. Each company representative shall act so as to observe fair and open competition rules and/or prevent and avoid any situation in which these rules could be breached.

business transaction documentation
SIPRAL a.s. commits itself to conduct its business in a transparent way. All of the company’s transactions are documented in a full and easy-to-understand way in compliance with valid legal regulations and the company’s internal methodology. SIPRAL a.s. forbids any distortion or withholding of documents related to the company’s business activities and which must be submitted to the government authorities.

sponsoring and gifts
SIPRAL a.s. provides gifts, and engages in sponsoring activities, only in those instances where such actions do not influence the company’s business activities and do not breach the principles of fair and open competition. SIPRAL a.s. accepts only symbolic gifts that do not create an obligation of the company to the donor. SIPRAL makes no contributions to political parties or individual politicians.

employee relations
SIPRAL a.s. values and respects its employees, and takes every measure to maintain their dignity and protect their health. The company ensures that its employees are kept informed, receive a fair salary and have the opportunity to develop their professional skills.

SIPRAL a.s. respects and observes the principle of fair opportunities and forbids any discrimination in the hiring of new employees, work performance and working conditions. The company rejects any discrimination based on sex, sexual preferences, race and ethnical origin, nationality, citizenship, social origin, language, age, health condition, religion and belief, family situation, political orientation and activity in political, employee and employer organizations. SIPRAL a.s. forbids all forms of harassment (including sexual harassment), humiliation and degradation of any employee’s dignity.

SIPRAL a.s. adheres strictly to occupational health and safety regulations. When performing any activity related to occupational health and safety, the company observes valid legal regulations, makes every effort to minimize risk and improves safety and hygienic conditions in the working environment.

civic responsibility
SIPRAL a.s. advocates the principles of responsible citizenship and upholds its obligations related to public affairs and supports activities that improve society and public life. The company examines the safety and reliability of its products and technological processes, and strives to minimize risk related to its business activities. SIPRAL a.s. respects and observes environmental protection laws and makes every effort to minimize any adverse effects that its business activities could have on the environment.

obligatory character of the code of ethics and its possible breach
The company’s code of ethics expresses its policy that is obligatory for all company representatives. SIPRAL a.s considers the rules set down in the code of ethics to be extremely important, and expects each of its representatives to observe them. Any breach of the code of ethics can be considered a breach of work discipline rules and/or employment contract conditions that can result in grave consequences; in extremely serious cases, conduct going against the code of ethics may raise criminal liability. In order to protect the company’s good reputation, any breach of the code of ethics should be reported so that adequate measures may be taken to eliminate damage and prevent its repetition. Deliberate concealment of such a breach can be considered as being in conflict with the code of ethics.

If a representative has doubts about whether his/her conduct, or the conduct of another person, is in line with the code or faces an unusual situation, s/he shall contact his/her immediate supervisor, or, via this supervisor, the company’s responsible body (management), which shall decide on the specific measures that must be taken.

management responsibility
The management shall conduct themselves so as to present a model of moral and ethic qualities for the company’s employees and representatives. They shall also act as advisors and helpers in all matters related to ethic and moral principles and rules presented by this code of ethics. Managers are to explain the importance of the code of ethics and direct all company employees and representatives to observe them.

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We are Sipral

The Story of Sipral

The Story of Sipral

2019The Flow Building and Bořislavka Centrum projects in Prague acquired

2019grand opening of AFI Vokovice, Prague, a multi-function complex

2018MEC Hall project in Manchester acquired

2017official opening of Paris La Défense Arena 

2017storage area enlargement in our Logistics centre in Jirny

2017new head office of Sipral UK in the City of London

2016V Tower, Prague, project commenced

2016third part of the logistics centre in Jirny completed

2015Leopold Bareš's withdrawal and Radim Koštial's arrival as a new CEO

2014new branch in Denmark opened

2014Nine Elms Point project in London, U Arena in Paris and Amager Bakke in Coppenhagen acquired – total value of 1.7 bil. CZK

2013University of Sheffield project acquired

2011Main Point Karlín project completed; the winner of MIPIM Award 2012 for the best office building in the world

2009new branch in France

2009Foundation Louis Vuitton project in Paris acquired

2008production launched at the Logistics center in Jirny

2006Sipral UK Ltd., a subsidiary in the UK, founded

2005designing in 3D CAD system Solidworks

2005Sipral's own „Sample showroom“

2003first project in the UK executed 

2001Sipral's first element façade successful testing in Taywood, London

2000international quality certificate ISO 9001

1999development, testing and certification of a disc-holder system of inner glass pane fixing

1997development, testing and certification of Sipral's own fire-resistant system of a roof structure

1996first project abroad executed (Check Point Charlie, Berlín)

1996Sipral's own factory completed; production commenced

1994transtion from hand designing to ACAD 10 

1992first project (Traffic Constrol Centre, Hotel Forum, Prague)

1991company founded

We help, when we can

We help, when we can

In the years 2018 and 2019, on the occasion of the AluMan/AluWoman triathlon, we decided to support non-profit organisations operating in our neighborhood. Sipral's employees voted for LDN Vršovice, a hospital for long-term ill people and Studentský dům MČ Praha 10, a housing for young abandoned children. We distributed in total CZK 30,000 among these two organisations.

In the long term, we also cooperate with vocational and technical schools. We offer their students to do their apprenticeships, summer jobs and excursions in our fabrication plant in Jirny near Prague and in our headquarters in Strašnice. In this way, students can gain experience how the façade modules are designed and assembled.

We help, when we can
Image: We help, when we can