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Our company is happy to welcome all motivated professionals interested in cooperation with us in all areas of management, development and realization of light envelopes of buildings.

Please, send your CV and a motivation letter to: jobs@sipral.com


Code ethics

Our company espoused a mission to create and provide values in the form of technically advanced, visually attractive and highly reliable products that form an integral part of the modern conveniences in human societies today. We hold our customers, business counterparts, employees and society in high esteem and conduct our business in accordance with generally accepted business ethics and principles. Implementing these principles forms an integral part of our business activities and helps cultivate good reputation of the company – SIPRAL a.s.

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We are Sipral

The Story of Sipral

2024     relocation of Sipral UK Ltd. at Canary Wharf
2024     Jamie Young takes over as Managing Director of Sipral UK Ltd.
2023     change of the company's top management
2022     equipment for self-testing of units with pressurized water in operation
2022     celebration of thirty years of the company
2018     new mock up wall in the factory in Jirny
2017     new head office of Sipral UK in the City of London
2017     doubling the production area in the factory in Jirny
2014     new branch in Denmark opened
2014     Amager Bakke in Coppenhagen acquired
2011     Main Point Karlín project completed; the winner of MIPIM Award 2012 for the best office building in the world
2009     new branch in France opened
2009     Foundation Louis Vuitton project in Paris acquired
2008     start of production in the new factory in Jirny
2006     Sipral UK Ltd., a subsidiary in the UK, founded
2003     first project in the UK executed
2001     Sipral's first element façade successful testing in Taywood, London
1996     first project abroad executed (Check Point Charlie, Berlín)
1996     completion of the construction of the company's headquarters,  the start of operation of the first own factory
1992     company founded

We have fun at Sipral

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We help, when we can

Sipral is a partner primarily in those projects that highlight the role and importance of the fields of architecture, design and construction. We also contribute to selected charity projects.

We support selected social and cultural activities related to architecture and education. There has been long-term cooperation with the association called Kruh, which is actively involved in the promotion of architecture. The association, which was founded by students of the Prague Academy of Fine Arts at the School of Architecture, has been supported by Sipral since its inception, as well as the Day of Architecture film festival. Another project that we support in Sipral is the Film and Architecture festival.

Every year we cooperate with the Association of Students of Architecture (SPA) by supporting the "Olověný Dušan" competition for the best student projects and studios of the year.

We contribute to the professional publications, for example to the Collection published by the Czech Chamber of Facades and cladding (ČKLOP), which updates and expands important information in the areas of standards, decrees, guidelines, technological procedures, testing and implementation of light perimeter shells, windows and doors.

Traditionally, we are part of the Czech Architectural Yearbook, which regularly informs not only the professional, but also the lay public about the current situation in the field, and brings ideas for inspiration and public discussion. For those interested abroad, the publication serves as an overview of the current Czech architectural scene.

On behalf of all our employees, we are happy to support selected non-profit organizations that operate in the vicinity of our headquarters, thus supporting the community and the city district. Thanks to our employees we contribute financially to these three organizations - Klokánek, LDN in Vršovice and the Center for palliative care in Vinohrady.

Donated funds are thus directed, for example, to the maintenance of the garden for patients or to the art education club. We are dedicated to charity not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Great Britain, where we participate in charity events and collections together with our clients.

Klokánek is a project of the Endangered Children's Fund, the aim of which is to offer children temporary family care instead of institutional care until they can return to their family, or until permanent substitute family care is found for them (adoption, foster care, entrustment to third-party care).

The Vršovice long-term sick hospital (LDN) is a medical facility intended for patients with an established diagnosis whose health condition does not require a stay in hospital, but at the same time is not so good that it is possible to treat them in a home environment. Typically, these are elderly patients who need additional treatment after managing an acute illness or injury, or patients with an advanced chronic disease, where round-the-clock professional care is required.

The palliative care center improves care for the dying in the Czech Republic, systematically across the entire health and social care system. It conducts its own research, the results of which are the basis for systemic and legislative measures to improve the care of dying patients. The information that the center provides to professionals from the state, non-state and commercial spheres enables better communication and decision-making by the professional and lay public in areas related to the end of life.

Last but not least, we cooperate with vocational and technical schools. We offer their students internships, part-time jobs and excursions not only in our factory in Jirny near Prague, but also in our headquarters in Strašnice. In this way, students can try out how facade units are designed and manufactured.

Image: We help, when we can