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Our company is happy to welcome all motivated professionals interested in cooperation with us in all areas of management, development and realization of light envelopes of buildings.

Please, send your CV and a motivation letter to: jobs@sipral.com


Code ethics

Our company espoused a mission to create and provide values in the form of technically advanced, visually attractive and highly reliable products that form an integral part of the modern conveniences in human societies today. We hold our customers, business counterparts, employees and society in high esteem and conduct our business in accordance with generally accepted business ethics and principles. Implementing these principles forms an integral part of our business activities and helps cultivate good reputation of the company – SIPRAL a.s.

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We are Sipral

The Story of Sipral

2019 The Flow Building and Bořislavka Centrum projects in Prague acquired
2019 grand opening of AFI Vokovice, Prague, a multi-function complex
2018 MEC Hall project in Manchester acquired
2017 official opening of Paris La Défense Arena
2017 storage area enlargement in our Logistics centre in Jirny
2017 new head office of Sipral UK in the City of London
2016 V Tower, Prague, project commenced
2016 third part of the logistics centre in Jirny completed
2015 Leopold Bareš's withdrawal and Radim Koštial's arrival as a new CEO
2014 new branch in Denmark opened
2014 Nine Elms Point project in London, U Arena in Paris and Amager Bakke in Coppenhagen acquired – total value of 1.7 bil. CZK
2013 University of Sheffield project acquired
2011 Main Point Karlín project completed; the winner of MIPIM Award 2012 for the best office building in the world
2009 new branch in France
2009 Foundation Louis Vuitton project in Paris acquired

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2008 production launched at the Logistics center in Jirny
2006 Sipral UK Ltd., a subsidiary in the UK, founded
2005 designing in 3D CAD system Solidworks
2005 Sipral's own „Sample showroom“
2003 first project in the UK executed
2001 Sipral's first element façade successful testing in Taywood, London
2000 international quality certificate ISO 9001
1999 development, testing and certification of a disc-holder system of inner glass pane fixing
1997 development, testing and certification of Sipral's own fire-resistant system of a roof structure
1996 first project abroad executed (Check Point Charlie, Berlín)
1996 Sipral's own factory completed; production commenced
1994 transtion from hand designing to ACAD 10
1992 first project (Traffic Constrol Centre, Hotel Forum, Prague)
1991 company founded

We help, when we can

In the years 2018 and 2019, on the occasion of the AluMan/AluWoman triathlon, we decided to support non-profit organisations operating in our neighborhood. Sipral's employees voted for LDN Vršovice, a hospital for long-term ill people and Studentský dům MČ Praha 10, a housing for young abandoned children. We distributed in total CZK 30,000 among these two organisations.

In the long term, we also cooperate with vocational and technical schools. We offer their students to do their apprenticeships, summer jobs and excursions in our fabrication plant in Jirny near Prague and in our headquarters in Strašnice. In this way, students can gain experience how the façade modules are designed and assembled.

Image: We help, when we can