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management system

In Sipral not only technologies but also processes are of a great importance. Sipral´s system management is based on process management. Processes are represented through a process model which describes them and their mutual relationships. Processes are supported via Sap, IBM Lotus Notes, Bipolar and Sipralis implemented systems. Trace & Tracking internal application offers an absolutely unique solution of fabrication and logistics process monitoring. Thus, external suppliers can get involved in the process and clients can monitor supplies continuously without leaving their office.

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integrated policy

Each project is unique, each project is a challenge...

… to create original and reliable designs that meet our customers’ visions.
… to provide top quality processes and improve them continuously with minimum impact on the enviroment.
… to develop its employees professionally and use their creativity, professionalism and teamwork to improve provided designs.
… to individually approach all partners on the market based on honest and correct relationships.
… to propose designs that prevent possible pollution of the environment and are in permanent conformity with legal standards.
… to provide designs that take health and safety of our employees into consideration.

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process management

Sipral’s internal structure is based on its process model, which describes individual processes and sub-processes, their inputs and outputs, relations among them and responsibilities of particular persons. That model forms a basis for the company’s management model and organizational structure.
The process model follows the character of a “product”, which means that the model describes value-generating processes as well as supporting and managing processes. The process model itself and its individual processes undergo regular inspections and also internal audits carried out by certified internal auditors. All our people take part in relevant trainings on processes and fully understand their role within the process model.

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