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Sipral is a prominent Czech façades supplier 

Sipral was founded in 1991. Since its origin the company has focused on progressive building technologies. The original orientation was aimed at special cementing and sealing with silicone sealants and has gradually developed into supplies of all-glazed constructions where Sipral started using construction systems based on extruded aluminum profiles.

These days, Sipral is the leading supplier of glazed façades, fire-rated and bespoke constructions made of glass and aluminium on the Czech market. Since 1991, Sipral has completed more than 300 large projects as well as hundreds of various small-scale ones.

Sipral focuses on individual and creative approach to each project.


One of the basic Sipral’s characteristics is creativity

In approximately 80% of projects we develop new technical solutions or technology procedures. A team of Sipral’s professionals designs new façade systems to meet clients’ aesthetic demands and technical standards. These new systems are verified by structural, thermal and acoustic calculations. Finally their properties are checked via off site testing at an independent approved facilities.


In Sipral not only technologies but also processes are of a great importance

In its quality management system Sipral declares a business process management as its basic principle. Processes are represented through a process model which describes them and their mutual relationships. Processes are supported via Sap, Bipolar and Sipralis implemented systems. Trace & Tracking internal application offers an absolutely unique solution of fabrication and logistics process monitoring. Thus, external suppliers can get involved in the process and clients can monitor supplies continuously without leaving their office.


office and development

Třebohostická 5a/3165
100 00 Prague 10
T +420 296 565 111


logistics centre
in Jirny

U Dálnice 604
250 90 Jirny (Prague-East)
T +420 296 565 666


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