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Červený Vrch Červený Vrch Červený Vrch
Červený Vrch
accomplishment 2000–2001
general contractor Skanska - Stav
architect Šafer Hájek Architekti
type of construction frame constructions, shading systems, atypical constructions
type of building residential
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

Upon completion of apartment houses in Červený vrch locality Sipral took part in a project of a roof apartment in a penthouse of one of these new houses near Divoká Šárka. The large-area atypical roof apartment disposes of a large terrace south and west orientated.

Sipral provided all opening panels of windows and doors. These were aluminum windows of a bedroom, a kitchen, a room and a bathroom on the northern and eastern side of the building and glazed walls leading to the terrace including entrances made of sliding aluminum doors with large-scale glass units. With regards to the fact that the terrace works at the same time as a roof envelope of the flats placed on lower floors there were very high demands on the correct realization of water-proof sealing that was one of the most complicated tasks.   

In the apartment interior there was created an all-glazed sliding wall separating a living room and a kitchen. The most interesting work took place in the entrance part of the apartment where a structure glazed with floor-height glass units was used. It is covered with an all-glazed skylight. The structure created a spatial greenhouse – a tropicarium, aimed for tropical plant growing.