I.S.C. Muzo

I.S.C. Muzo
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accomplishment 1999–2000
investor Muzo
architect D3A
type of construction complete external envelope, stick system facade, point-fixed facade, structural facade, frame constructions, external cladding, fire-rated constructions, shading systems, access systems, atypical constructions
type of building administrative
general contractor IPS, závod 10
project volume of the facade 4–5,9 mil. EUR

Sipral was responsible for the supply of the building’s external cladding, the inner glazed partitions, the wooden cladding, the external and internal staircases, and several additional architectonic elements for this “house of the second millennium” – a term which is no exaggeration.The external cladding is designed as an all-glass curtain wall with a vertical aluminium mullion structure of Schüco FW 50 profiles. The glazing is made of clear insulating double-glass; horizontal structures are covered with a non-transparent strip of enamelled glass. On this strip and other areas in the building is a motif of an enlarged printed circuit. On the southern, eastern and western sides are aluminium louvers, which are automatically centrally controlled and, in fact, designed such as to modify the building’s appearance from outside. On the western side is a circular steel escape staircase, wound around a perforated column with neon lighting placed inside and protected with a glazed vertical handrail.At the heart of the interior is the central staircase with glazed steps. Its steps are slip-resistant with sand-blasted elements in the shape of a printed circuit. The interior glazed partitions (2600 m2 in total) consist of glass panels with inset doors. One special feature is the inside winter garden, of oval cross-section and passing through 3 above-ground floors to above the roof level; its construction is a frameless structure of glued safety glass.The amount of wooden cladding supplied was more than 800 m2 in area.