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accomplishment 2011–2012
investor Vinohradská 230
architect Sdružení architektů RVWZ
type of construction atypical constructions, stick system facade
type of building administrative
project volume of the facade 0–1,9 mil. EUR

In 2012-13, within redesign and modernization of an administrative building in Strašnice, Prague Sipral executed KKCG project made of several independent typical and atypical structures. Vinohradská 230 was the investor of the project and architects from RVWZ designed it.

The main, purely architectural part of the project consists of vertical spatial cladding of the building atrium with white aluminium lamellas. The lamellas have a rectangular section and always create a broken column along the whole height of the building. They are approx. 15 to 20 m high. The span between individual columns is approx. 300 mm. Each column is shaped differently and has several anchoring points to fix lamellas in vertical as well as horizontal direction. On the top floor a column is anchored through the current facade to a steel bearing structure made of massive bent profiles. On each second floor it is secured with an anchorage made of stainless tension rods and bent aluminium strips. In space these lamella columns form an effective spatial „wave“ around the whole atrium and its galleries. To achieve this effect the whole structure was consulted and designed in 3D software.

Aluminium lamellas of the same section were used also for delivery of spatially waved suspended ceiling on the 1st floor. Unlike in the atrium, here the lamellas are placed in horizontal direction in rows under the suspended ceiling altogether forming a waved area. Here the anchorage is located in designed points of a concrete suspended ceiling from which only steel cables come out. The suspended ceiling is hung on them. Individual horizontal curves of lamellas are fixed onto horizontal bent aluminium strips. This structure also was designed in 3D software.

Our delivery included other structures as well. In the interior part Sipral delivered mainly the cladding of approx. 350 m2 of walls with Lacobel glass in the atrium and elevators on individual floors and approx. 100 m2 of mirror wall by the staircase. In the building exterior entrance facades were reconstructed and equipped with new doors, sliding doors and all-glazed carousel for the main entrance and glazed gates/tourniquets in the interior entrances into the building. At the staircase on the 5th floor there were fire-resistant walls installed and on the 1st floor there was installed a fire-resistant entrance to a restaurant with sliding doors. Sipral also executed several small structures as railing, partitions and doors in the reconstructed floors and made additional small works required by the building reconstruction.